Advancing the Healthcare System in Craighead County, Arkansas

The population health category evaluates access to care, healthy behaviors, health conditions, mental health, and resulting health outcomes in communities. In Craighead County, Arkansas, the healthcare system has seen a number of advances in recent years. In October, Bernards Behavioral Health will begin a partnership with the county to provide a crisis stabilization unit (CSU). This unit will serve 20 counties in Northeastern Arkansas and offer an alternative to jails and emergency rooms for people in crisis who face law enforcement. Kevin Byron, Assistant Vice President for Behavioral Health at Bernards, expressed his appreciation for Mid-South Health Systems establishing a strong foundation and developing the CSU.

Bernards plans to provide services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The CSU will have access to licensed psychiatry, nursing, therapy, and discharge planning staff. It can provide up to 16 inpatient beds for people experiencing a mental health crisis whose needs cannot be met safely in residential service settings. Patients can be admitted both voluntarily and involuntarily. The goal of the CSU is to stabilize patients quickly before discharging them to the community.

This chart shows weekly unemployment insurance claims in Arkansas (without seasonal adjustment) compared to the four states with the most similar impact. The map below shows all the districts of Craighead County, Arkansas, colored by their median household income (total). The chart below depicts the 7 races represented in Craighead County, Arkansas, as a proportion of the total population. The chart below shows how outbound domestic trade from Arkansas is projected to change compared to neighboring states. The most common workgroups, by number of people living in Craighead County, Arkansas, are sales-related occupations (6,066 people), administrative support occupations (& people), administrative support occupations (5,397 people), and management occupations (4,432 people). Car ownership in Craighead County, Arkansas, is roughly the same as the national average, with an average of 2 cars per household. The table below shows how the number of patients seen by primary care doctors has changed over time in Craighead County, Arkansas, compared to neighboring geographies.

Primary care physicians in Craighead County, Arkansas, see 849 patients per year on average, representing a decrease of 2.19% from the previous year (868 patients). The table below shows how the average household income in Craighead County, Arkansas compares to that of its neighboring geographies and matrices. The largest universities in Craighead County, Arkansas are Arkansas State University (5,209 degrees were awarded in 2002) and Arthur's Beauty College (489,830) (35 degrees). This visualization illustrates the percentage of students graduating with a master's degree from schools in Craighead County, Arkansas by specialty. The chart below shows homes in Craighead County, Arkansas distributed among a number of car-ownership groups compared to the national averages for each group. The table below shows the percentages of U.

S. citizenship in Craighead County AR compared to its neighboring geographies and matrices. The homeownership rate in Craighead County, Arkansas is 57%, roughly equal to the national average of 64.4%. The chart below shows senators elected in Arkansas over time excluding special elections colored by their political party.

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