How Has the Tourism Industry in Craighead County, Arkansas Evolved?

The graph below illustrates the changes in the percentage of uninsured people in Craighead County, Arkansas, compared to the percentage of people enrolled in various types of health insurance over time. This data provides an overview of the actions taken by major industries for residents of Craighead County, Arkansas, although some of these individuals may live in Craighead County, Arkansas, but work elsewhere. In addition to the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, a major tourist attraction in central Arkansas is the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock. In the 21st century, Northwest Arkansas has become a popular tourist destination, with the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art as a major draw.

No households in Craighead County, Arkansas reported that they spoke a language other than English as their primary shared language. Income inequality in Arkansas (measured with the Gini index) is 0.45, lower than the national average. Car ownership in Craighead County, Arkansas is roughly equal to the national average, with an average of 2 cars per household. The Arkansas Tourism Ticker is managed by Talk Business & Politics and sponsored by the Arkansas Hospitality Association. The table below shows how the number of patients seen by primary care doctors has changed over time in Craighead County, Arkansas compared to neighboring geographical areas.

The table below shows the 7 races represented in Craighead County, Arkansas as a proportion of the total population. The chart below shows homes in Craighead County, Arkansas distributed among a number of car-ownership groups compared to the national averages for each group. Resolution exempting the Craighead County Sheriff's Department from public tenders for the purchase of 4 Chev Tahoe's and declaring an emergency. The table below shows how the average household income in Craighead County, Arkansas compares to that of its neighboring geographies and matrices. The map below shows all of the districts of Craighead County, Arkansas colored by their median household income (total).

The chart below shows how outbound domestic trade from Arkansas is projected to change compared to neighboring states. This chart shows the percentage of homeowners in Craighead County, AR compared to their main and neighboring geographies.

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