The Latest Technology Transforming Craighead County, Arkansas

Craighead County, Arkansas is always on the lookout for new technologies that can help them better serve their community. Recently, the county has implemented a number of innovative solutions that are sure to make a difference. Ezra Rodgers, Director of Information Technology, has been leading the charge in evaluating and implementing new technologies to improve the county with functionality. One of the objectives of the plan has been the development of the Craighead County Technology Park (CTP South), located in the Jonesboro Industrial Park. Steven Lamm, Vice President of Economic Development at JU, said CTP will play a critical role in attracting new industries and expanding existing ones. Anthony Coy, Emergency Management Director for Craighead County, said that the system could save lives in some cases.

State Systems is a proven leader in analyzing, designing, installing and maintaining a full range of technology-driven systems in Jonesboro, the largest city in Northeast Arkansas. Site C is located in the center of Craighead Technology Park, just 3.1 miles from Interstate 555. It is ready to use a shovel and has rail access. Whether it's a simple credit card ATM or a complex network of structured cabling, its technology is crucial for more than just keeping the lights on throughout Craighead County. Site D in Jonesboro, Arkansas's Craighead Technology Park, is a site of more than 22 acres located on the east side of Craighead Technology Park. This site is equipped with all the latest technology and is ready to be used by businesses and organizations. Craighead County is always looking for ways to improve its citizens' lives through technology. With the implementation of these new technologies, they are sure to make a difference in how people live and work in this area. The county has invested heavily in cutting-edge technology to ensure that its citizens have access to the best possible services.

From fire departments to economic development, Craighead County is leveraging technology to make life easier and more efficient for its residents. With state-of-the-art systems like Site C and Site D, businesses can now take advantage of all that this county has to offer. The implementation of these new technologies will not only benefit businesses but also individuals living in Craighead County. With improved safety measures and access to better services, citizens can now enjoy a higher quality of life. The county's commitment to technological advancement is sure to pay off in the long run.

Cindy Frantum
Cindy Frantum

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