Exploring Community Initiatives in Craighead County, Arkansas

Craighead County, Arkansas is a place where many community initiatives and programs are in place to improve the lives of its citizens. The Craighead County Drug-Free Communities Support Program (CODC) is one such example, providing funding to tackle the issues of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drug abuse among young people. The Craighead County Community Foundation is another local philanthropic resource that connects generous individuals to the needs of their community. The Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry (AHFH) program is another initiative that has been making a difference in Craighead County.

Last year, hunters donated 88,000 pounds of ground venison to The Natural State food banks as part of this program. This year, AHFH is expanding its Woods to School program, which will provide 50,000 packs of snacks to students from 75 Arkansas schools. In addition to these initiatives, citizens of Craighead County will soon be presented with an initiative to cut nearly half of the funding of the Jonesboro Library System. This initiative is sponsored by a group called Citizens Taxed Enough, who note that Craighead County has one of the highest production rates in the state.

The geographical area of these initiatives mainly includes the Mississippi Delta region and includes Clay, Craighead, Crittenden, Cross, Greene, Lawrence, Lee, Mississippi, Monroe, Phillips, Poinsett, Randolph and St. Craighead counties. An opportunity zone in Jonesboro includes Craighead Technology Park located in the eastern section of the city. These initiatives are just a few examples of how Craighead County is striving to improve the lives of its citizens. With programs like CODC and AHFH providing resources and support for those in need, Craighead County is sure to continue making progress towards a brighter future.

Cindy Frantum
Cindy Frantum

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